My Reading & My LFL

I do have a range of genres I read. I like casual reading; pick a book up every few days and read a bit. I have a Little Free Library for all ages and many of the books I read or have read are in the library plus many other selections that I think my LFL patrons would enjoy or find interesting as a read.

An interesting read/view

A People's History of the United States: 1492 to Present - Howard Zinn

I am quite intrigued by this read.  Lots of history and accounts of information that you wouldnt hear in your normal classroom and probably tv.  Maybe Oliver Stones DVD doc history of the united states.  But this gives more in depth information and reasoning/thinking for the time periods that we may have a hard grasp to acknowledge.  Im currently reading the beginning of the us (1776).  

I can relate to some of this

Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America - Linda Tirado

I too grew up living in poverty. I can identify with some of the struggles she went through and remember the feelings she too had.  It was never easy and always an uphill battle.  I connect with her on the levels of government assitance and frustration of as well as being so broke that the mindless things you did for entertainment.  

Car Sick John Waters was fantastic!

Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America - John Waters

I finished reading Car Sick by John Waters and loved it!  OH his wicked pervy twisted mind created hilarious and grotesque fictional rides then told the real rides it took him to get coast to coast.  He explains in his clever and cunning ways each ride he took and how it relates to present day, his experiences of the past, the wondering of the mind and other little quirks of himself and of traveling in general. 

Fun Adventure for Kids!

Joe Devlin And The New Star Fighter - James R. Thomas

This is a good book for the 3rd through 5th grade readers.  It will have them using their stretch of the imaginations as they read.  Characters are ones kids can see themselves in or older siblings.  The sequence of the story keeps the readers attention.  

John Waters Carsick- real deal

Carsick: John Waters hitchhikes across America - John Waters

I am now at the part of the book of the real rides.  Previous pages were fictitious of the good and bad that he dreamed of which was really funny, creepy, gross, and good! lol.  His first real ride is such a simple act of kindness that puts a smile on your face.  Im ready to read the of the real rides and hope they offer more smiles or topics of debate and reasoning of their thinking.  

Car Sick by John Waters

Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America - John Waters

I am currently reading this book but I think he should make this a movie!  Only his wild creative mind could come up with these scenarios of what he does or doesnt want to face while hitch hiking lol.  

This is my little free library.  We have about a dozen in our town.  

Participate/visit/donate/be a steward

I have one of these little free libraries.  They are quite a neat thing to have.  Browse the website and see what you think.  I have had great conversations with patrons of the library outside of my house.  Patrons also contribute and donate books to the library too besides the ones I buy at garage sales and weekly city library book sale.  You can create your library from scratch, or upcycle, or purchase one from the website.  I think its a great investment in the community. The possibilities are endless with these and use your imagination or own style of running your own library.

Great review of adjacent history

How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World - Steven Johnson

This book covers a wide range of knowledge of our everyday living and how we got to it.  It made stop and think and ponder what it was like back in the day and what it felt like back in the day as these inventions and new ways of life were just being developed.  This wouldnt be too bad of of a book read for middle schoolers (advanced readers) and those in high school.  It would tie in alot of subject matter and they would have adjacent learning.  See how i use the word adjacent as steven does in his book tying together events, history, etc. lol